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A Twinkie Dipped In Fudge? Yes! Come On In And Try A Couple! They Are So Good! #GeneseeeCandyLand ow.ly/Fs3030hX9ct ... See MoreSee Less

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Ever wonder how candy is made? It's quite the scientific and mechanical process. We make candy fresh every single day. Stop by and check us out next time you are in Golden, Colorado #GeneseeCandyland ow.ly/IZho30hVEO7 ... See MoreSee Less

Making of candies: Follow Paris chez Sharon on instagram.com/parischezsharon/

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It’s All About Chocolate Bacon! We’ve got the CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON for YOU!! Selections change daily – we’re always experimenting! #GeneseeCandyland ow.ly/Em0V30hSPpk ... See MoreSee Less

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Every wonder how fancy vintage lollipops are made? Well wonder no more. This video shows you exactly how it is done. #GeneseeCandyLand #Lollipops www.geneseecandyland.com/ ... See MoreSee Less

A candy master at Spun Candy showed us how to mould boiling sugar syrup into tasty rainbow lollipops.

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This magic chocolate ball is everyone chocolate lover's dream! 😍 🍫
#GeneseeCandyLand ow.ly/11az30hPWfJ
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This magic chocolate ball is everyone chocolate lover's dream! 😍 🍫 FULL INSTRUCTIONS: bzfd.it/2gpHC5I LINK TO BUY: bit.ly/2vEihaY (we make a little $ when you buy through this lin...

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Facebook is changing the way your News Feed works. Even though they announced it last week we have been aware of them gradually moving in this direction since last August.

Facebook wants people to see more stuff from friends, family and other people they are likely to have "meaningful" conversations with — something Facebook laments has been lost in the sea of videos, news stories (real and fake), and viral quizzes.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t keep seeing posts from your all your favorite pages every day (including ours). You just may see less of them.

You can now manage what you want see first in your personal ‘News Feed Preferences’. This setting allows you to pick the news organizations, celebrities, businesses and brands you want to follow the most.

In order to keep seeing our posts regularly, select 'See First' in the 'Following' menu. (See Photo)
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